Sunday, August 14, 2016

Thylacine Sighting - Location unsure

Thylacine Is Still Alive just received a message through the Contact Form about a sighting some time back. I'm not sure where this took place and how long ago it was, but it is an interesting one, indeed.

Name: Paul Z.

Location: Unsure. My guess, Tasmania.

Date: Unknown

Sighting: (copied directly from the message sent) To cut a long story short was rabbit shooting had a 22 rifle was on a hill about 30 metres from the bottom of the hill then went up again anyway I must have shot at 6 to 8 rabbits while I was there the 22 was very load if anything like a dog,fox,too,wallaby,or any other animal they would have got up after the first shot after 30 min I was there he stuck his head up open his mouth to yarn couldn't believe how wide it opened he looked at me and took off up the hill didn't have a clue what it was ran like a wild pig it was grey with stripes and a tail like a kangaroo started thick got thinner at the bottom like a kangaroos but didnt move much as it ran the further I went the quicker. It went I was aiming but didn't shoot then it jumped a fence separating land like a roo but on 4 legs no way a fox or dog when we met back at camp the owner of the land Colin came buy to have a drink he' was about 65 years old lived there all his life I asked him if he had strange animals. On his land he dropped his stubby and said what did you see I told him al of a sudden he jumped for joy and said I knew some got away and I said what he Saud my grandpa in the 30 s used to feed a family of Tasmanian. Tigers 6of them he said down the creek he went a few rimes with him put the food near the creek go about 50 Mt away and watch them eat his pops died young about 60 Colin took over feeding them his father was a ruthless man found out what Colin was doing so apparently. He went down the creek and shot them all and told that when their sleeping they are deaf as doornails and they were grey that's why he didn't hear the shits it was a tiger it was in 1989about 5' to 6" pm late summer in the Highlands near Seymour I've told Mc McAllister and couple of other but no response there alive and well believe me

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