Saturday, January 9, 2016

Venus Bay Thylacine sighting

Following the sighting of the thylacine, Tasmanian Tiger, by a man named Tony Holgate, The Thylacine Is Still Alive page received a message from someone by the name of Anna. She was ecstatic to share her story with us that I wish to share with you all, today, about her own sighting of the elusive tiger.

Name: Anna

Location: Venus Bay, Victoria, Australia

Date: April 16, 2013 7:30PM

Sighting: On Tuesday the 16th of April 2013 I was driving along Toorak road in Inverloch, at 7.30pm. 
It was dark, and on the road ahead I could see an animal eating something. I slowed to a full stop and it didn't move, it just kept eating. It was like nothing I've seen before. I mentally ran through all the animals it could have been. Fox? No way. Cat? Definitely not. Dog? The front half looked a bit like a dog, but the back half sort of resembled a kangaroo. It had low hocks and a very stiff looking tail, that started off thick and went to a point. I instantly thought "it's a Tasmanian Tiger..." I took note of its main features to later research it. I looked for stripes but its short, light brown hair looked very shaggy, like it had been wet or rolled in the mud. I could see markings on its back, but they weren't overly defined in the low beam of my headlights. As it ate, its jaw seemed to quickly spring open and closed. It looked a bit scary, actually. I got a chill watching it.
I watched it for maybe 15 seconds (while mentally taking note of all the above) and then another car came up behind me, and one came from the opposite direction, so it bounded off the road then stopped on the side of the road in the grass, still in plain view. Unfortunately I had to move on as I was stopped on a bend. 
The front legs seemed to be almost separate from the back legs... the front legs ran like a dog while the back legs bounced more like a kangaroo. As it sprung off, I noticed that its whole lower back arched as it moved.
Once I got home I looked up descriptions, sightings, and old videos taken of them in captivity, and the way they looked and moved on the videos convinced me more than ever that it was a Tasmanian Tiger that I saw. There was one video on YouTube that shows one bouncing against a fence, and it really did move just like that. Very awkward, springy, and a bit clumsy. There is an image of one in captivity eating, with its mouth wide open... that is exactly how it looked as its jaw quickly sprung open and shut.
I wish I had gotten a photo. Some people believe me (mainly those who have seen one or know someone else who has) and some think it's ridiculous.
Next time I will have my camera on and ready when I drive through there!

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