Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tasmanian tiger sighting proves it is not extinct - IBT

July of 2015, IBT made a report of a thylacine hunter who seem to have claimed the tiger is not extinct, but instead roaming the mainland Australia. When I see "hunter" in the mix, I'm a bit squishy about it. But that's not the important part of this article by the International Business Times.
Michael Moss, 49 at the time, has spent 20 years in search of the elusive tiger. In the article, they call it a wildcat, but we all know the Tasmanian tiger was not a cat in the least bit, unlike their more ancient marsupial relative, the thylacoleo, or marsupial lion. Moss stated that dashboard cams are the key to proving that they are still alive. I, myself, have even said this, as dashcams seem to capture a lot of good footage.

Though it will be tough for dashcams to be used as proof if they're not designed for night vision, seeing as most sightings that I have read about have taken place at night. For owned property or businesses, security cameras are, also, good for this.

Anyway, IBT continues with their article, stating, " Moss was interviewed alongside another Tasmanian tiger spotter, David Chinn, for an upcoming documentary on the tiger, which is expected to air in the coming months. Speaking to the Cranbourne Leader, Moss, 49, says he believes the tigers are extinct in Tasmania, but not in Victoria." I know I stated this, myself, in my previous post, Zoologists hunting Tasmanian Tiger declare "no doubt" species is still alive - The Guardian.

Michael, also, stated about how he did some research regarding shipments of native Tasmanian animals to Wilsons Promontory between 1910 and 1915 for conservation reasons. He goes on to claiming that it is possible that the Tasmanian tiger may have been among those animals shipped there.

Among my own search, I couldn't find anything, yet, about this claim. However, this doesn't mean that he was full of it. It is possible that they did, indeed, ship animals from Tasmania to Wilsons Promontory during those times. I just don't have the resources needed to dig deeper into this information. Plus, I'm not a native to those areas so finding information on this outside the internet is not as easy.

IBT article

Those are only a few links for readers to enjoy, plus the main article itself, and a similar report by The Herald Sun. If you have any information regarding Moss's claim, his sighting, or the documentary that is supposed to be coming out, please Contact Us using the "Report a sighting" tab or use any of the following to message us there:

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