Saturday, January 9, 2016

Blue Mountain, New South Wales Sighting

Another report sent in to The Thylacine Is Alive Facebook page, this time with three different occasions. Let's find out what this one has to say about their sightings.
Name: John

Location: Blue Mountain, New South Wales, Australia


  • 1970s
  • 1980s
  • 1990s
Sighting 1: The first was early one morning in the late 1970's while walking to the station to catch a train to work. I had to walk down our street that passed through a bush area for about 500 metres that boarded the National Park that was on the other side of the rail line (there are homes there now) while I was walking through this area I glimpsed an animal that looked like kangaroo as it had a long tail and hind legs like a kangaroo disappearing amongst the bush but it did not hop like a kangaroo but ran like a dog. It was very poor light and I had only glimpsed this animal for a few seconds. The second time was a very positive sighting.

Sighting 2: As I was a Maintenance Electrician on 24 hour call for a Manufacturing Plant in the early 1980's I was called in to work very early one morning and as I was passing through same area and just down the road, where I had glimpsed the strange animal several years before, lit up in the car headlights in the middle of the road about 30 metres in front of me was a Tasmanian Tiger. I slowed the vehicle nearly to a stop as the creature ran off the road and up the side of a "A" Frame house that was there at the time. I went into work and said I just saw a Tasmanian Tiger much to the amusement to everyone else. Later that day when I was home I checked through some reference books to confirm what I had sighted a Tasmanian Tiger while driving to work that morning.

Sighting 3: The third time was several years later in February and we had several days off rain and I had woken in the early hours of the morning to got to the toilet and as the rain had stopped I looked out of the bedroom window and across the street under a street light was what I thought was a kangaroo down on all hunches moving around eating. I watched the animal for a minute or two and then I decided to wake my wife to have a look at it. Under protest she came over to the window and we watched what we thought to be a kangaroo under the street light moving around like a roo does on all four legs when feeding. Having grown up and spent a lot of time in the bush I decided to give it a whistle that we used to use to make the roos sit up. I gave this whistle and to our amazement the creature ran off like a dog down the side off the house that was across the road. But it was no ordinary dog like creature as it had a long tail and hind legs like a kangaroo. After the other two sightings several years before we knew that we had just had another sighting of the Tasmanian Tiger. I know what people will think and say but as I have mentioned earlier I grew up in a small country town in Northern NSW and since we were small children had spent a lot of time in the bush with our parents and then later by ourselves that was our life and I know what animals look like as I had seen them many thousands of times before but I have never seen one like this.

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